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Goats for Weeds - How It Works




A 10,000 year old solution

Goats have been used to manage lands since approximately 8000 BCE. It was only about 75 years ago that public & private landowners moved to chemical pesticides, which have proven to be a more expensive - yet less effective solution.


Not only do goats eat the noxious weeds that are harmful to the land and other animals, they also help regenerate the soil by aerating, mulching, and fertilizing the land - allowing the natural ecosystems to return. Once this happens, your weed management program can shift from aggressive combat to basic maintenance, saving you a lot of money in the long term. 


One of the unique things about goats is HOW they eat weeds. If a weed is simply cut, it will react quickly to reseed itself, often returning stronger and heartier. But goats eat weeds in a way that stops that from happening. By eating the flower first, then each leaf off of the stem, the weed is left with no way to photosynthesize - and opens up space for the soil below. 

The result is a regenerative land management solution that is sustainable, healthy, and more cost-effective. 

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