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GOATS FOR WEEDS began as a seed planted over 40 years ago. That seed germinated when our founder, Daniel Feldman, was overseeing Canada's largest solar project and identified a disconnect between the progressive energy solution they were building and the use of harmful chemicals to manage the land. The idea was very simple: use animals instead of chemicals, just the way it's been done for thousands of years. 

From that initial idea, Daniel then looked for some of the leaders in this industry - and he found two of the very best in Agnes & Thomas, who collectively bring over 50 years experience in herding and sustainable. land management.

In 2018, the Ranch was purchased and transformed into a goat & sheep haven where our animals can roam over 400 acres when not working. We also have six incredible dogs and three horses.


We feel so fortunate to have the chance to work with so many different landowners throughout Western Canada - and our goats love it too. Taking care of these incredible landscapes, and helping them regenerate back into their natural ecosystems, is the greatest privilege for us.  

Eco-Friendly Herbicide


Goats for Weeds Eco-Friendly Weed Control

Located in Pincher Creek, AB near Castle Provincial Park, the Ranch is home to our growing team of goats, sheep, horses, guardian dogs and herding dogs. When they aren't working on your land, our animals have access to over 400 acres of beautiful ranchland and forests full of delicious noxious weeds. 

Weed control using goats
Weed Control Using Goats
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There's a better way

Using goats to eradicate noxious weeds and regenerate the land is not only better for the environment, it's more effective. We believe the best solutions are good for the planet - and good for the pocket book. Goats offer you both.


 Goats were one of the very first animals to be domesticated and have been herded for almost 10,000 years. This is not a new solution, it's one of the most tried & tested ideas in human history.


Bottom line: Goats will eat your weeds, regenerate your land, and save you money. It's that simple. 

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