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Hello! Let us know if you're interested in learning more or want a free quote for weed control on your land!

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Goat rentals for weeds on your land

Are you looking to rent goats for weed control on your land? We have an incredible herd of goats for rent that love to eat weeds. Your weeds. No matter how large your piece of land is. Goats for acreages. Goats for ranchland. Goats for farms. Goats for parks. Goats for forestry. Goats for mining. Goats for all your weeds. No matter where they are or how nasty & noxious they may be. Our goats will eliminate your weeds. 

We specialize in regenerative land management, offering an eco-friendly alternative to herbicides to tackle your weeds permanently and bring your land back to its natural ecosystem with natural fertilizer and aeration. Goats are a natural organic alternative to pesticides for weed control on your land. 


Contact us for a free land assessment today!

Rent a goat for weeds


A few more reasons to consider goats!

  • Organic weed control

  • Regenerative land management

  • Land regeneration

  • Goats for Weeds

  • Organic Pesticide Alternative

  • Creekside Goat Service

  • Goat Herd Rental

  • Organic Herbicide Alternative

  • Eco-Friendly Herbicide

  • Alternative Natural Weed Control

  • Natural Herbicide Alternative

  • Natural Pesticide Alternative

  • Goats in Alberta

  • Natural weeding

  • Organic weeding

  • Eco-friendly weeding

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